A flagship masterpiece

the Ocean’s Harvest

the source

She is the ocean.
Her name is mother.
Her beloved calls her UMI.

A celebration of the Ocean’s Harvest

Chef Garg Offers a seafood centric menu featuring the finest seasonal ingredients and cooking traditions, progressive techniques, vibrant cultural infusions paired with his masterful signature execution.

UMI by Vikram Garg, located in the lobby of Halepuna Waikiki across from Halekulani, also offers a bespoke Chef’s Table; a decadent culinary tribute to the abundance of the Sea. 

Daily Service

Breakfast Served Daily 7am – 11am
(Last Seating 10:30am)

Dinner Served Wednesday through Sunday
5:30pm – 10:00pm
(Last Seating 8:30pm)

Culinary Artistry Highlighting Global Cuisine; Embracing the Essence of UMAMI.

Celebrating superior ingredients from the land and the sea. UMI by Vikram Garg honors you with sensorial delicacies and our signature art of selfless hospitality… Omotenashi.

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Chef Philosophy

“I take great pleasure in boldly defying culinary limitations”

Chef Vikram Garg

UMI, like the ocean, represents my culinary philosophy and commitment to nurture my guests, connect cultures, sustain agricultural origins, and exceed expectations.

Nothing aligns more powerfully with my philosophy than the meaning of UMI, and that is why I chose [her] name and expansive symbolism. I dedicate this restaurant to discovering and celebrating quantum interpretations of what I call the Ocean’s Harvest.

Global restauranteur and chef innovator


FRENCH trained

JAPANESE inspired

HAWAII celebrated

VIKRAM GARG has boldly transformed esteemed restaurants around the world, reimagining the standards of Michelin-Star culinary experiences for more than three decades.

From India, Dubai, Tokyo, Korea, Iceland, British Virgin Islands, Washington D.C., and France, to Hawai`i’s iconic Halekulani, Park Lane Lounge Ala Moana, TBD… by Vikram Garg, and in April 2023, a lauded return to Hotels & Resorts of Halekulani with the unveiling of his independent flagship masterpiece, UMI by Vikram Garg at Halepuna Waikiki.

Vikram Garg’s coveted Four-and-Five-Star gastronomic ingenuity – acclaimed at The James Beard House, L’Épuisee, Marseille, Food Cellar Matarkjallarinn, and Tabla, (just to name a few), celebrate his global connoisseur acumen, elevating the hospitality industry with savory, sensorial success. Garg delivers an award-winning, masterful culinary experience, every time. Garg believes in the essential pairing of community and cuisine, and commits his passion to sustainable philanthropic giving.


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Chef’s Table

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